Middletown Valley Historical Society

Our community takes pride in its local history. The Middletown Valley Historical Society does the year-round work organizing events, lectures and tours dedicated to the valley’s special place in America’s past.

Old Stone House, 305 West Main Street, Middletown, MD 21769

War Memorial – Middletown

The World War II Memorial was erected and dedicated in 1947 to honor all local war veterans who served in that war.  In 1999, a joint effort between Amvets Post 9 and the Town of Middletown led to the restoration of the plaques and refurbishment of the grounds of that memorial.  In 2012, seven flag poles were added to recognize the five Armed Forces, POW-MIA, and the U.S. Flag.

In 2013 Amvets Post 9 and the Town of Middletown erected additional memorials on the site to honor our war veterans of all wars and conflicts in the post WWII era.  Newly created monuments listing the wars: Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as, the names of those who served in each, have been installed on the site near the existing WWII Memorial.  Those veterans who were killed in action have been identified for their ultimate sacrifice.  The Memorial grounds have been updated to reflect the pride and reverence we have for our local veterans.


National Historic Road

170 miles of scenic byway run right through the heart of Middletown, Maryland. Our magical main street is a proud part of America’s roadway, the first federally funded highway in the United States.

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground stretches along US 15 from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Charlottesville, Virginia. A nationally recognized area, this designated region is home to prominent historical events and spaces. Middletown is part of this journey, inviting residents and visitors to explore our piece of pivotal ground.

Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Middletown’s presence can be found at the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area. This organization emphasizes places rich in history, spanning portions of Carroll, Frederick and Washington Counties. The organization serves as a resource guiding visitors to significant historical sites within the area. Visit the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area to find out where Middletown fits into the war’s tumultuous history.