Main Street Middletown is a 501c3 nonprofit organization enhancing the quality of life and economic vitality of the community. Our effort stems from the Main Street® initiative at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This program brings citizens, businesses, government, and statewide partners together, working to support historic downtown areas.

We received our Main Street® designation in 2009 from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. Main Street® programs exist across the nation, making us part of a collective mission. This mission includes preserving a community’s distinctive history through savvy economic development strategies. When small towns embrace their heritage and infrastructure, a sense of pride resonates throughout a community, which spurs additional development and increased tourism to the area. As a result, residents and tourists experience an ambiance that only Middletown, Maryland can offer.

Main Street Middletown utilizes the Main Street Four Point Approach® and Fifth Green Approach®, a set of economic development tools that serve as the foundation for our local revitalization efforts.

The Four Points include:

  1. Organization
  2. Promotion
  3. Design
  4. Economic Development.

Here’s what that means for us:


Our work is grounded in organizational volunteers. Our Board of Trustees is the driving force behind our efforts.


We strive to give the whole world a taste of Middletown by strategically marketing our community, highlighting its business components and recreational features.


The National Main Street® program’s revitalization philosophy is centered on the preservation of natural and historic beauty. Our valley has much beauty and history to emphasize and protect. From the Victorian architecture of our buildings, banners hung to celebrate special events, and the light poles that line our streets, Main Street Middletown actively works to promote the town’s unique visual appeal.

Economic Development

We want our businesses to flourish. Main Street Middletown works to provide necessary support for all businesses, including assistance in acquiring special loans. We ‘re connectors; facilitating opportunities for businesses to interact and cross promote, encouraging industries to work together to bring commerce to our valley.

Clean, Safe and Green

Growth is managed strategically with the necessary innovation and planning. We believe preservation and development can and should be achieved sustainably.