Main Street Middletown was presented with the opportunity to purchase 19 and 21 West Main Street, two contributing buildings in our National Register Historic district and two of the most photographed buildings in our Main Street business.  Smaller than most buildings found along Main Street, these two are visual stand-outs with the over-sized and decorative Gothic-Revival trim work. The Main Street Board acted quickly, decisively and jumped at the opportunity and started funding raising!

Donors to Date Include:

Part of the mission of Main Street Middletown is to appreciate the unique historic character of our Main Street buildings, after-all, these are not the kind of buildings you see everywhere, just in Middletown, MD!

Our plans include to continue to fundraise for the purchase of the buildings.  When the purchase is complete, we have plans to update and renovate these two structures.  And while they will remain fondly to us all as Bussard’s Barbershop, we plan on using the barbershop space as a community gathering spot (just like always), welcome visitors to town here, hand out information about our businesses, and sell a little bit of local retail.  The smaller of the two buildings (which the local lore says was a chicken coop) is where the Main Street office is now located.

They say, many hands make for small work!  Please lend a hand.  Maybe you have a fun story to share, maybe you got your first hair cut here, or maybe you know a good roofer that works on metal shingle roofs, or maybe you would like to get your hands into this do-it-yourselfer project and help paint the exterior one summer day?  There are lots of opportunities to be a part of this project.  Main Street Middletown is also committed to sharing the knowledge we gain as we go through this process with other Main Street property owners.  If we are fixing up our windows, we’ll host a class on restoring historic windows.  If we remove the siding, we’ll share the process with you.  This building is part of Middletown’s history and we are working to save it for future generations.

Please consider donating to our Building Fund.  Consider your gift as one that will save a piece of our shared community history. 

If you want to get hands-on experience, or want to help in other ways, please sign up on our Volunteer form and state your interest as 19-21 West Main, and we will contact you about upcoming work party days.

Thank you for helping us keep Main Street Middletown thriving!