For a small town, Middletown sure is busy!

  • Post Date Posted: September 4, 2018
  • Category News

Middletown Pride, Valley Wide was an awesome event to show off our school spirit!  The parade was lots of fun, watching older kids teach the little ones sporting skills was heart-warming, and for some, climbing the rock wall was heart-pounding. Check out the event page for photos, and our list of thanks for our awesome sponsors! 

Each September, for more than 30-years, Middletown has celebrated its history and heritage through The Heritage Festival.  And this is THE festival of the town, with thousands of visitors, a huge parade, vendors, music, and more!  This festival unites the town, bridges generations, and celebrates our shared history.  Be sure to mark your calendar for this Town-event on Saturday, September 29.  And a big shout out to the dedicated team of volunteers who bring Heritage Festival to Middletown, Cheers!!    

For our part, Main Street Middletown will have festive holiday cards on SALE at Heritage Festival.  Be sure to stop by the Middletown table.  These holiday cards match the design of the 2019 Christmas in the Valley ornament and were created especially for us through the same company.  We love the detail and local flavor these holiday greetings will bring to your friends and family this season!  Quantities are limited, so be sure to stop by! 

But, perhaps our biggest news of the month is Main Street Middletown was selected from a state-wide pool of nonprofit applicants to receive the Community Investment Tax Credit for 2019.  What this means is that for any donation given to Main Street Middletown, MD Inc. in the amount of $500 or greater, you will complete a form to receive a special State of Maryland Tax Credit.  You know, when you are completing your taxes online and you get to that final section of questions about the types of “unusual tax credits?”  And you generally read through them, gloss over because you’re so happy you are almost done with your return?  Well, imagine being able to say YES – I did donate through the Community Investment Tax Credit program to Main Street Middletown – and viola – a tax credit at the very end!  Everyone wins!  Main Street Middletown will continue to raise money for the purchase and rehabilitation of the former Bussard Property at 19-21 West Main, and you, the tax-payer have this nice tax credit.  This program will begin in 2019 and we will certainly have more news for you about it as we develop our program for donations, but for now, this should definitely pique your interest!