March has stormed in like a Lion…

  • Post Date Posted: March 14, 2019
  • Category News

March has stormed in like a Lion, but as the saying goes, will leave like a Lamb. Let’s hope so, as the winds early this month actually blew the Main Street Middletown sign off its hooks and to the ground! Before its final swing, board member Jim Hoover brought a ladder, our Town Administrator, Drew Bowen climbed up the ladder to grab the sign, and folks from Middletown Valley Bank came outside to offer their help.

This group of folks were all just doing what comes so naturally in Middletown. Being friendly and helping each other out! What could have been a scary experience with a 4-foot metal sign blowing up against a 50-year old window was diverted by several ready-to-help neighbors!

Hopefully, you will not find yourself in quite the same predicament, but the helpful and friendly atmosphere permeates Main Street, whether you are here to go to your accountant, financial advisor, doctor, hair care professional, mechanic, attorney, insurance agent, photographer, take dance lessons or yoga, or meet your friends for dinner!

Come on over the mountain and check us out! We have some new businesses including Jennifer Riley Photography, Serenity Salon, and the Wren’s Nest (with a grand opening on March 30), with a few more new businesses opening up soon! We’ll be the first to greet you with a smile!