Middletown is the Ice Cream Mecca of Maryland!

  • Post Date Posted: June 13, 2019
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June is in full swing and school will be out soon!  June is also National Ice Cream Month!  There is no better place than in Middletown to celebrate all that Ice Cream goodness!

Middletown is synonymous with Main’s Ice Cream!  A local institution, a regional landmark, this former ice cream factory was the place to go get the best, freshest ice cream.   Although the ice cream factory closed in the late 1960s, the building and its iconic sign still stand.  In its place is The Main Cup Restaurant, featuring a full menu of lunch and dinner items and specialty drinks.  During the week, you can also stop by Town Hall and check out our Heritage Museum featuring many historic items associated with Main’s.    

Main's Quality Ice Cream

Who would have thought, that with Main’s Ice Cream that just around the corner at Lee DeLauter, and Sons (fondly called LDS), is home to the oldest dealer in the country serving Hershey’s Ice Cream!  To celebrate, they received this wonderful banner on their new ice cream refrigerator!  Get your ice cream here and be part of our proud local history!    

Delauters Ice Cream

Next, we think there is nothing quite like eating ice cream on the wrap around porch at More Ice Cream.  Feeling the heat of the summer melt away on the breezy-front porch with ice cream in hand is more than just filling that need for a sweet treat.  More Ice Cream also showcases local Middletown Knight Pride with galleries of photos showing our proud and accomplished local athletes!   

More Ice Cream

And if this is still not enough, travel just a little bit outside of town to South Mountain Creamery.  The treat here of course is this is a working farm.  Arrive about 4:00pm and take the opportunity to help bottle feed the calves!  From there, walk into the country store to find ice cream, cheese, butter, and of course, milk!  Since it is National Ice Cream month, we do however, recommend the ice cream first! 


With all the delicious ice-cream choices, you can see why we think of Middletown as the Ice Cream Mecca of Maryland!