Main Street Helps Our Community

We love having fun and celebrating Main Street Middletown, and our events do just that.  What a thrilling experience for a child to be coloring in the middle of Main Street!  Or walking into an old building where history unfolds and envelops you with all its walls have witnessed.  How about walking hand-in-hand, exploring the cars of yesteryear with your children or grandchildren?  Or feeling a palpable sense of community as everyone proudly joins together – friends, family, businesses – to cheer on our students?  Middletown is the iconic small town that we all cherish, and these events make it that much better! 

Being a part of the Main Street Middletown events is a great way to create life-long memories, visit with old friends, and meet new neighbors!  Main Street Middletown hosts these events each year to celebrate Middletown:

  • Coloring the Street; A Chalk Art Affair
  • Middletown Walking Tour: Exploring our Historic Buildings
  • Vintage Vehicles in the Valley
  • Knight Pride; Community Pep Rally
  • Memorial Day celebration in Memorial Park
  • Summer Movie Nights
  • Annual Scarecrow Contest

Donate Now to help us celebrate our beloved Middletown! Your gift of $10, $25, or $50 or more is much appreciated!

The Community Investment Tax Credit

We’re excited to announce that Main Street Middletown, MD Inc. competed for, and was awarded the opportunity to participate in the State’s Community Investment Tax Credit program.  The program supports nonprofit organizations like Main Street Middletown by awarding allocations of State tax credits for use as incentives to attract contributions from individuals and businesses.

In a nutshell, businesses and individuals that donate to Main Street Middletown, MD Inc can earn tax credits equal to 50% of the value of the money, goods, or real property contribution.  These tax credits are in addition to the deductions on both Federal and State taxes as a result of the charitable contribution.

The Department of Housing and Economic Development began this program because of the many benefits:

  • It benefits the donors by reducing their Maryland tax liability
  • It benefits the local nonprofit by achieving their project and goals
  • It benefits the community at large
  • It benefits community relations and increases the vibrant relationship between public and private partnerships

How the Program Works:

Individuals and businesses making donations of money, goods, or real property worth $500 or more are eligible for tax credits.  Donors are required to obtain from the nonprofit a Certification of Contribution Form, complete and submit it to Main Street Middletown, along with documentation of the value of the contribution.

Click Here to download the form

Click Here to Link to IRS Publication 526 – Charitable Contributions

Fine print
Individuals and businesses must use the tax credits against taxes owed for the year in which the contribution was made and may not be used retroactively for taxes from a prior year. An​y individual or business contemplating making a donation is encouraged to consult with their accountant or tax professional for information about their specific tax benefits.