Volunteering through Main Street Middletown and our partner Middletown Arts and Activities Council (MAAC) is a great way to show your love of downtown Middletown. We offer a variety of opportunities for families, youth groups, young adults seeking service learning, or adults and retirees looking to make a difference in our awesome community. Whether it is volunteering with a committee, or occasionally helping at special events, we have opportunities that are flexible and meaningful.

Volunteer as a Family

Looking for a way to inspire your children with a love of helping others? Volunteer together! Our events are family friendly and a fun way to spend time together.

Volunteer on a Committee

Volunteering on a committee is a more structured, once-a-month time commitment to help further the Main Street mission. Committees include: design, economic development, and promotions.

Volunteer on an Occasional Basis

Looking to volunteer on an occasional basis?

We’d love your help before or during some of our very fun events planned this year:

  • Coloring the Street
  • Heritage Walking Tour
  • Vintage Vehicles in the Valley
  • Christmas in the Valley
  • Memorial Day celebration in Memorial Park (MAAC)
  • Summer Movie Nights (MAAC)
  • Annual Scarecrow Contest ( MAAC)

Volunteer Form

Please complete our volunteer form below and we’ll help you get started! 

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    If Yes, set forth the nature of the crime, including the date and location of the conviction.

    Areas of Interest
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    If you have any questions, please contact Becky Axilbund at baxilbund@ci.middletown.md.us.

    Main Street Middletown Board Smiling at a Meeting

    We even eat cupcakes at our meetings!